Hand-Crafted Screen Doors for your screened in porch

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The more and more I check out Screened in Porches the thing I notice the most is the doors. I know this is not a surprise since I own a screen door company but for the most part is this not what people tend be drawn to? What I notice is a few things, one is how little time people spend on this final detail of the door, and the other is how much the door takes away from the design of the screened in porch both in lacking “Pop” as they say or too much “Pop”. As far as how little time people spend on design of the screen door is a few things. One is making sure you choose a door that is going to stand the test of time. At www.mtviewwoodworks.com we make our doors to stand up to a lifetime of use. One of the biggest ways we ave done this is by increasing our thickness to 1 3/8″ thickness which is a lot thicker than your standard screen door but also at www.mtviewwww.mtviewwoodworks.com we provide custom sizing to match the unique opening that you may have. For an example we provide the chance to grow your opening so you can go taller or bigger if you need.

  One other thing that I notice with screened in porches that I like is when you do a half wall make sure to match that half wall with a center rail on your screen doors that match the same height so the structural line is the same. Check out this door…. http://www.mtviewwoodworks.com/index.php/arched-traditional  it can be raised and lowered so it can be in line with that half wall. It is a little thing but it adds that custom look that will add a lot in the end. 

  Match your style! For example if your porch is matching your bungalow style home or craftsman home make sure to finalize your porch with a door that compliments that design. Here are a few doors that will make all the difference.  http://www.mtviewwoodworks.com/index.php/craftsman-1-cedar-screen-door   or this one for a Bungalow style http://www.mtviewwoodworks.com/index.php/cedar-screen-doors/pacific-1-cedar-screen-door-11-detail 

As you can see with this design it has some lines that you may want to integrate into the design you want in your screened in porch. I guess the main thing I would suggest is to not settle for a boring screen door at the end of a project that you spent a lot of money and time on. Add a screen door that will blend or “Pop” and show that you put some thought into your design.

  To check out more Screen Door for your screened porch or for your home go to http://www.mtviewwoodworks.com/

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