Wooden Screen Storm Doors

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With Mountain View Woodworks Cedar wood screen doors you can also have them be used for storm doors as well! Our wood screen doors have a 1/2″ deep x 3/4″ long channel to accept your aluminum framing of your screen. This gives you the option of pulling out that screen during the fall and popping in the glass panel in it’s place. This option works best with the full light designs such as http://www.mtviewwoodworks.com/index.php/craftsman-1-cedar-screen-door or http://www.mtviewwoodworks.com/index.php/cedar-screen-doors/pacific-1-cedar-screen-door-detail . these are just examples that work well with the full glass panels but you have other options as well with going with plexi glass. Plexi glass has come a long way and is a great option for turning your wood screen door into a storm door. Plexi glass does not turn yellow like it use to and holds up great. The design I recommend for using the plexi glass is the traditional designs. You can check these out here http://www.mtviewwoodworks.com/index.php/cedar-screen-doors/traditional-cedar-screen-door-detail or the wildlife series such as http://www.mtviewwoodworks.com/index.php/cedar-screen-doors/wildlife-bear-cedar-screen-door-detail . The reason these doors work best is simply because of the center panel. The way it works is like this, Each cedar screen door has a frame that covers the aluminum that holds the screen ( typically just like your window screens). the wood frame is there to cover the aluminum to give it a nice finished look but it can give another purpose as well. If a customer request it we can put a small dado shot or cut a small channel in that frame. This channel will accept the plexi so it will be able to slide in and out when needed during the spring and fall. The reason this is so popular with customers is because you do not need to change out the screen every time! All you have to do is take off one of the back trim pieces and either slide the plexi glass in or out and you have your storm door. Since the plexi flexes a little it is recommended to use a screen door with a center push like traditional screen doors or the wildlife wood screen doors.

well I hope this explains why choosing a wood screen door also gives you the option of turning that screen door into an efficient storm door as well.


Dave Gilchrist


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